Birthday, Sans Bakery


Last year for my birthday my mom made me this bunny cake, bless her heart.

This year, working on Cake Boss, I have high hopes of snagging some cake on my big day. Unfortunately, we are not shooting this week, so I will have to wait a few days after I turn 22 to seek some treats. 

There is a tradition at Cake Boss, cast and crew, that on your birthday you get pied. By that I mean someone on the  cast or crew will pie you in the face with a tin filled with buttercream frosting at any point in the day. This puts a lot of birthday girls/boys on edge for most of the day.

I think I am escaping getting pied since we are not shooting on my birthday, but I can never be too sure. 

Also, you get pied on your last day of work, so I’m in for it no matter what.


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