Cheap NYC

Believe it or not, I’ve noticed a handful of things that are cheaper in NYC than back home in CoMo.

1. Spa treatments: Everyone and I mean EVERYONE gets their nails down here (men and women). It makes sense because your feet get so beaten up from walking around so much in sandals and heels.There’s a nail salon on every corner, and it’s easy to find a “deal” $20 on a mani pedi. It’s a “deal” because almost every single salon in our area offers that price although they all advertise it as some sort of special. (For the ultra savers: Candy Nails on Nassau between Maidian and John offers a $16 mani pedi.)

2. Rolling Rock Beer: Is it just me or is this beer MUCH more expensive back home? In New York Rolling Rock cans are the equivalent of PBR and Busch Light at sketchy bars. (I didn’t even know Rolling Rock came in cans…?)

3. Fresh flowers: Not only are the flowers cheaper, but they are everywhere! It is so tempting to snag a small bundle up on the walk home. In fact, I see men and women carrying bundles of flowers home all of the time. I’ve always loved fresh flowers, but buying them from a florist or getting them at the grocery store has always felt like such a commitment. Here buying flowers is a common occurrence.


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