Where the Wild Things Are …

New York may be a concrete jungle, but it has its fair share of wildlife.

Here’s a run-down of New York’s lovely creatures:

  1. Pigeons – No surprise, pigeons are everywhere. They fly low and don’t scare easily. These flying rodents will go after your leftover lunch on a park bench or swoop in front of your face for no apparent reason as you are walking down the street. Since I’ve been here I’ve seen two people get hit in the head by low flying pigeons. I wish I could make this stuff up …
  2. Cockroaches – These disgusting insects weren’t much of a problem during June, but they crawled out from wherever they were hiding once the sweltering temperatures of July hit. They are big and vicious looking. There are four different kinds of cockroaches in NYC. The American Cockroach (the kind we have around FiDi) happen to be the biggest at about 2 inches each. YUCK. They normally come out at night and can be seen running across the street. I try not to wear sandals at night because I’m terrified one might get on my foot.
  3. Rodents – Luckily I haven’t had much personal experience with rodents during my time here in NYC. I have spotted them from a far while standing on the subway platform. The other day when it rained the tracks of the 23rd street station flooded, and there were dead rats floating in the water (electrocuted by the tracks maybe?). We have mice at work, and it has been a battle to control their population all summer. We are a green office so we only use “green ways” of controlling the population. Up until now that has meant a catch and release strategy, but unsurprisingly it hasn’t been very successful.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of NYC wildlife, I’ve left out brown squirrels, bed bugs, fearless little birds and the hundreds of leashed dogs, but these are the top three that have been the most difficult for me to adjust to.

On a positive note— there’s plenty of wildlife here in the city … you just have to accept the creatures around you.


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