A Walk Down Memory Lane

When I reflect on my college experiences, several things stand out. And when I think about those excellent experiences, my freshman year seems to be prominent. This is why:

1. Living in the dorms

For some reason, colleges think putting masses of people with newly found freedom is a safe thing to do.

FUN? Absolutely.

Safe? Questionable.

2. Diving into my career

From J-School to KOMU, I really grabbed journalism by the horns upon arriving to college. I’ve discovered my passion, and can’t help but be excited for my future.

3. That one time I gained 25+ pounds.

I blame Baja Grill. But I have since lost that weight, so if you still thinking I’m rocking the Mizzou 22, please keep those thoughts to yourself.

Ironically, living in New York City has brought back many of these feelings. I have met and lived with people I did not know prior to arriving to the Big Apple, and I can honestly say I’m leaving this city with new friends I plan to continue to hang out with in Columbia.

In addition, I have dove into another field of journalism by working at TODAY. I have met some very prominent people in the broadcast world and learned how a network functions. It’s been an experience unlike any other I have done in my short journalism career.

As for gaining a few extra pounds, I’d have to direct you to my publicist who will handle all questions concerning body issues.


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