Adventure Point: A Day in Central Park

Central Park truly amazes me. Seeing it from the Empire State Building, it literally appeared to be a tremendous patch of greenery amongst a sea of skyscrapers. When my best friend Karen was in town visiting, we took it upon ourself to explore this huge park with my roommate Hannah and her best friend Amanda.

Meet Amanda and Karen. Goofy, I know.

First off, let me say this… This park is HUGE. Like, absolutely enormous. We didn’t even know where to start so we decided to enter near Columbus Circle and simply wander from. We walked, walked and walked some more truly taking in one of New York’s most famous landmarks. For about 15 minutes of our adventures in Central Park, we stopped on a bridge, took some photographs and observed animals in their natural habitat (a rat dashing around beneath the bridge). We even found a gigantic rock and relaxed for a little bit while we people watched. It was a beautiful day so there were plenty of people out and about. The rock we set up post on was a popular spot to catch some rays and chat with your friends.

It was especially interesting to see how many musicians were in Central Park playing. We spotted a harpist, a guitarist and even a cellist playing for quite a large audience of people passing by.

One of my favorite parts of Central Park was seeing how many children were there and how much they truly enjoyed just running around enjoying what nature there is in Central Park. As someone who couldn’t imagine raising children in New York, this sights gave me a little hope to the possibility of actually having a child in such a busy and large city.

Although Central Park was full of people, it was a brief break from the chaos that ensues on the city streets. There was no honking cabs or bustling people. Just me and my best friends relaxing on a spacious rock.


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