Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. In New York, it seems that baseball is appreciated even more. It’s St. Louis Cardinals pride status.

I was presented the opportunity to attend my first Subway Series where the New York Yankees traveled to Flushing, Queens to take on the New York Mets. The TODAY interns and I pushed out notepads aside, put on our ball caps and headed to Citi Field.

I was then presented with the task of choosing which team was worthy of my support.

Yankees, right? The Yankees are the one and only YANKEES. They are iconic and represent the epitome of a great baseball team. If the Yankees were celebrities in Hollywood, the team would consist of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

However, the Mets have won over my heart. The crowd was enthused, the tickets were reasonably priced and Nathan’s Hot Dogs were to die for. The new stadium  isn’t that bad either.

Upon walking into Citi Field, I just felt at home. Unlike Yankee Stadium, Citi Field offered what I love most about baseball.

Baseball is a soothing sport that allows friends and family to eat, converse and watch sports without excess stimuli in the background. Citi Field was a welcoming environment that focused more on the game and the experience rather than the glitz and glam of the sport.

Baseball can be relaxing. It can be WAY TOO EXCITING. It’s unpredictable…

…much like my decision to root for the Mets instead of the Yankees.


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