Aerosmith Part 2

Yesterday, i went to the best concert of my life. Aerosmith is currently on tour with Cheap Trick, which is another classic rock band. Comparing with the last concert in Long Island, last night was way much better because i was sitting on the floor. The concert was in IZOD Center, New Jersey. It only took me 20 minutes there by taking the bus.

I feel so lucky to be here this summer because there are so many interesting things happen around. I don’t know whether i will come back after graduate or not, but i like NYC. Although it is always expensive, dirty, and high pressure, i never regret to be here. It just like a opportunity cost, every time you are getting something, meanwhile, you are losing.

图像I took this picture on the bus. As i mentioned in my previous post, i think New Jersey has the best NYC skyline view.




Because of sitting on the floor, i could see his face and move clearly. However, i iphone couldn’t see it clearly…..Steven Styler was under the spotlight all night, so you can’t get a high quality picture without using a camera.






One of the best live solo. My hero, Mr Joe Perry.


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