Yesterday, i got my first haircut since last December. The reason why i don’t get haircut very often is because the different aesthetic. Basically, people from different culture background have different ways to deal with their hair. Here, i have to say it again, i love New York, it is so convenient to live here. It is such a unique city in the world, sometimes i think NYC is not just a city of the United States, it is city of the world. Yes, there are a lots of Asian barbershops.

I use a lot because it is always the easiest way to find what you want. Hair Kuwayama is a Japanese hair salon, it is on 406 East 13th Street. I went to their website before call, i found they were doing a special price on haircut, so i call them and made a appointment. This is the best one i got in America. Also, there was no sales pitch for products.




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