It Comes Down to This

As our time in New York quickly winds down, I think about the great summer I’ve had here. There is no doubt in my mind that this has been my best summer yet. However, I’ve been away from home for nearly three months and  haven’t had the opportunity to go back, so I am starting to miss it.

Since I’m from St. Louis, I have such a quick drive home from Columbia, so I can go back whenever I’d like. Obviously, that is not the case being all the way in New York City. This quite possibly could be the longest I have been away from home.

While I have absolutely loved seeings all the marvelous sites and have greatly enjoyed the nightlife here, I sure do miss my Cardinals… and my baby niece… and my friends and family.

I know leaving this city is going to be emotional because I have come to love it so much, and I have absolutely no clue when I’ll be back. Also, going back to tiny Columbia, Missouri in the middle of no where is going to be quite an adjustment. However, a few of us have been talking about going back to go ole Mizzou and what we will do there, so that’s getting me very excited, especially to go back and be a senior!

Interns: next week, our last week, we will live it up in NYC for a final time. Let’s go!




Baby niece… how could you not miss that?


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