A Day in Philadelphia

Last Saturday, I was suddenly presented with the opportunity to check out another East Coast city – so I jumped on a bus and experienced Philadelphia. My initial motivation was a cheap baseball ticket I stumbled upon online for that afternoon, but I decided to follow through on the trip to add another memorable entry to a list already packed with adventure for the summer.

The trip literally started and ended with the two-hour bus trek between the two

The Historic Liberty Bell

cities. Thanks to Megabus, I booked the first bus out in the morning and last bus back that night for super cheap ($30 total, for those of you keeping score). Luckily enough, my double-decker bus dropped me off three blocks from Independence National Historical Park, which I had roughly drawn out as the start to my exploration. The park was awesome to check out, with a downright fun interactive American history museum that also houses the Constitution and, of course, the one and only Liberty Bell across the property.

After a few hours taking in the national park, I began to walk towards my lunch destination. I knew that if I only had one meal in Philadelphia (which is what I was attempting to pull off), I had

Philly-Famous Geno’s Steaks

to make it an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. Through a bit of modest research, I learned that Geno’s Steaks served up some of the best eats that Philadelphia has to offer – and the big, messy cheesesteak I devoured certainly didn’t disappoint.

Following Geno’s, even more walking through some of Philadelphia’s charismatic (and wide-open… and clean…) neighborhoods led me to the Phillies game. I love baseball, so I can’t comment on my great experience that afternoon at Citizen’s Bank Park without a bit of a slanted bias, but the purpose of the trip definitely delivered a classic experience.

By the time the final out was recorded, it was already about time for me to make the longest walk of the day back up to the bus station and then back onto “home”

City Hall in downtown Philadelphia

in New York. It was during this leg that I jaunted through downtown Philadelphia – a quaint setting when compared to the Big Apple, but also beholding quite a bit of charm.

My day in Philly was a bit crazy and fast-paced (and gave way to a deep night’s sleep once I hit my bed back here at the dorm), but was every bit worth the series of surprisingly minor expenses it took to make the trip a possibility. Spending this summer in New York has provided an unforgettable experience, but I also enjoyed the opportunity to briefly see another Northeast city while in the area.

Zach Garcia


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