Hipster-dreamin’ and Selfies.

When I was a kid and even up until my teens, I always dreamed of living in Manhattan. It’s glamourous, bustling, and every neighborhood is different. While I still love Manhattan, I’ve set my sights on living in a different area: Brooklyn.

In television shows like Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, Brooklyn is looked at as “the place where the poor people live.” Years ago, I would stick my nose up at the thought of living in Brooklyn, but now it’s different. I realize I am pretty poor and I think living there would not only be appropriate, but enjoyable.

I’ve only been to Williamsburg twice in my short stay in New York, but I already know it’s the place for me. It’s often criticized as being the “hipster town,” but let’s face it, I love hipsters. Despite their aversion to anything mainstream, hipsters aren’t afraid to drink cheap beer or throw down in a basement to the music of a wannabe-edgy band. In this way, I feel like I relate. Plus, I approve of high-waisted shorts, hippie headbands, jean cut-offs, and mustaches. So, there’s that. Image

(Mustache Party at my house, 2011)


If I had any question about wanting to live in Brooklyn, all of that was eliminated when I tried Brooklyn Summer Ale. It’s so great. I’m not much of a beer fan, but the summer ale is fruity, light, wonderful, and enough to make up my mind. Make sure you try it!

Plus, the glamour and rooftop bars of Manhattan are only a 20-minute train ride away or a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge






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