Street Food

I’m dedicating this post to the hundreds of delicious meals I have passed up on the street. I will forever regret passing them up, but at the same time … I think I might have regretted eating them all as well.

That said — I LOVE street food.  Street food is cheap, delicious and convenient. I never worry about dashing out of the dorms late for work, because I know that no matter what I can snag a bagel with cream cheese, a banana and an iced coffee on my way there.

My favorite part about the bagel? They put the cream cheese on it for you. It’s genius. Such a simple step … but when you are late and sprinting through traffic, it’s much appreciated.

And that’s what makes a difference — it is so easy. I don’t have to go in anywhere. I simply stop as I walk by. If the line looks like it will take too much time, I continue along my commute until I pass by the next street vendor.

I think (and Cody, Zach and Yang agree) that street food needs to come to Columbia.

Now I know we have our trusted hot dog vendors (you’ll often find me outside of Harpos …), but I think we need more. There’s a void in the market, and a gyro cart, breakfast cart and a fruit/smoothie cart would make an absolute killing in downtown Columbia near the J-School.

The connivence and deliciousness of this “food on the go” maybe one of the top ten things that I will miss about New York.


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