The (Adventurous) Other Four: Queens

I feel like what makes New York City so mighty and inspiring on a global scale is its certification as a place where many cultures make up one great big star on the map. Perhaps the most evident borough of this characteristic is the huge,

A view of Queens from the Astoria Blvd. subway stop

eastern-lying Queens.

Personally, I feel like I’ve attained an entirely different experience every time my path has led into Queens this summer. On a large handful of occasions, I’ve sought a particular destination in the borough that seems worlds away when compared to the other landmarks that Queens is also known for. Here are the quick hits outlining a few of my travels:

– There were the numerous Mets games at Citi Field up in Flushing – a town that also features its own bustling Chinatown.

Citi Field – home of the MLB’s New York Mets

– Also among the list is Rockaway – an outer peninsula that houses a popular, yet pretty beach where I enjoyed ringing in July with a lazy day in the sun.

– As part of my multimedia project, I also found myself in Queens to explore St. John’s University

Rockaway Beach on the first day of July

– a highly renowned Catholic university in the Jamaica area of the borough. While a bit more intimate

A breath of fresh air on the campus of St. John’s University

that our own and only Mizzou, St. John’s boasts a gorgeous and

very real campus setting.

I’m not sure these three visits could’ve been much more contrasting from each other, but it is this great diversity in settings that give Queens its unique and fulfilling character in my mind. Enjoying such different experiences, and being able to do so all in a relatively near environment, made Queens a frequently visited area for me. For New York City, Queens conveys all of the diversity and variance that gives the city its worldwide wonder.

Zach Garcia


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