Adventure Point: Sailing in the Long Island Sound

Today I went on my second sea excursion of the summer. I woke up bright and early to catch the train to Stamford, Ct., where I would meet up with my fellow Cake Boss crew member, Luke, who owned a sailboat. 

I have always had a love for the water, which is why I chose to run down by the Hudson as often as I can. Having the opportunity to go out on the sound was something I could not pass up.

Since I am very pale, I spent the better part of the trip reapplying sunscreen and sitting in the shade of the sail. The water was very calm and there was not much wind, but I didn’t mind. Being on the boat made me feel far away from the city, which was a much needed break. The land was hazy in the distance, and the blue water reminded me of home more than it did New York (technically we were in Ct.). 

Being an eager beaver, I had Luke teach me a little bit about how to sail. At first I took us straight out of the wind channel and into a dead stop. We had to redirect the boat back into the wind, but I was allowed to try again and this time I calmed down and held us at a good angle. Sailing is actually the most fun thing I have ever done and standing behind the wheel I forgot about all my worries (like my sunburn) and concentrated only on the boat. I think it was a very therapeutic experience for me. The city had started to wear on me (as much as I love it) and the Missouri girl in me just needed a break. 

I feel extremely lucky to have gotten to go sailing twice this summer. I don’t know when I’ll go again but I hope it is sooner rather than later. 




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