Adventure Point: 9/11 Memorial

Even though the 9/11 memorial is just a couple blocks away, I finally found the time to go see it last week. It was obviously really sad thinking about what actually happened at that very site, but it was also great to see that so many people visit and support the memorial.

The memorial consists of two fountains or pools, a north pool and a south pool. Each pool is a square and the names of the victims are inscribed around the border, divided into different sections. For example, the firefighters lost have their own corner of one of the pools.

One of the most interesting parts about the memorial was the Survivor Tree. It is right in the middle of the memorial and it represents the struggle but success of surviving the attacks. This tree was the only tree to survive all the chaos, and it was reduced to just a stump. After taking it to a nursery and nursing ut back to health, it now stands fully recovered in the center of the memorial site.

The museum is not yet finished, but it is scheduled to open in 2012. For now, there is a visitor center where you can learn more about September 11, 2001. One of my favorite parts was the timeline that went around the room by the ceiling. It showed minute-by-minute events of the attacks and the response. It amazed me that it only took 14 minutes for the Fire Department and Police Department to be prepared and arrive on the scene. I also learned more about the fourth plane that crashed into a field in Pennsylvania because the brave passengers stopped the attempts of the hijacker.

The memorial is free to visit, so it is definitely worth spending a few hours one day to go see it.


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