Brooklyn Bridge (Adventure Point)

This weekend I was playing tourist with a friend in the city, and we decided to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We started off in Manhattan, took the Subway to Brooklyn and walked back. It was a cloudy day, pretty cool, which helped cut down on the humidity and heat. The walk was a fun one: there were kids running around everywhere, and of course tourists abound. But hey, I was a tourist too, so I’m not complaining.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the world, and while its age definitely does show, it’s also a testament to the importance of transportation in this city.  I also loved the Brooklyn Bridge Park under the bridge in Brooklyn. I’ve looked at this park every day from my window at work, and I’ve always wanted to visit. It was surprisingly serene, considering the location. It’s one of the newer parks in New York: it was in place, then taken over and finally reconstructed in 2008. Apparently, it was the dock for some of the first trading ships back in the 1600s. Talk about a long history.


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