Coming to New York, I had a decent amount of money in my savings account and enough to get by in my checking out. My nickname is Ca$HLEY, after all.

A week from the end, I’m pretty much broke. In this city, more than any I’ve been to, it’s crucial that you have money. Sure, there are a lot of free movies in the park, museum free fridays, and a lot of sights to see, but whether it’s for groceries to bring to the movie, a metro card to get to the museum, or even just for an ice cold bottle on the street for when you’re dehydrated, money is a necessity.

I think the reality of my situation is finally kicking in. I’ve been working 5 days a week all summer for no pay. While I realize I’m being paid in experience and connections, which I am very very thankful for, a girl’s gotta eat… and groceries are pricey.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done to save a few pennies here and there:


1. Always take the train, even when you know taking a cab would take half the time.



2. Make the 20-minute trek to Target. Groceries are Missouri prices there.


3. Bargain on Canal Street for souvenirs!


4. Stop buying dessert at Zeytuna all the time (This one took a little while for me to learn.)


Once I’m back in Columbia, I’ll get back into routine and start making a paycheck again. This time, I’ll save more than ever so I can return to the Big Apple after graduation.







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