Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty (Adventure Point)

On Saturday I took a trip into the past.  A friend and I decided to get a taste of old New York City by paying homage to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island  Immigration Museum.  I was kind of unclear of the geography of where the islands are in relation to New York and New Jersey, so for anyone else confused,  here’s an interesting map below:


The first stop was at the Statue of Liberty, which was wonderful! It was cloudy that day, so it was a little difficult to get some of the views and photos, but still stunning nonetheless. The last time I was in the city in 2007, they still had the statue closed off (post 9/11) but now it was open to the public!

Anyway, we left around mid morning, and although we were only planning to spend half the day there and then head over to Brooklyn to explore, we ended up spending most of our time at the museum on Ellis Island.  I didn’t have any relatives who had gone through Ellis Island, but my friend did and she really enjoyed the historical aspect of the museum.  I would highly recommend the guided tours they have; they’re really informative and I learned a lot that I would not have found out just visiting the museum.  The ferry offered some wonderful views of downtown Manhattan as well, which was nice to see! On the very right-hand side, towards the East River, you can see the building where I work.





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