Stuffing at Grimaldi’s

On Sunday, my friend and I decided to continue or explorations from the day before.  We picked up where we had left off, and took the Subway over to Brooklyn to try what is arguably one of the best pizza shops in New York.  It was crowded (and muggy, because of the weather).  We waited in line for more than an hour, and it was getting to the point where we were ready to leave. And we expected since it was Brooklyn and not Times Square, there wouldn’t be too many tourists. How wrong we were. I guess we came on a weekend, so that didn’t help either.

Just as we were ready to go, we got seated, and I will say, it was one of the pizza experiences I’ve had in New York. It definitely lived up to all expectations, and more.  It was a quintessential New York slice: slightly burnt crust, thin, floppy, really fresh ingredients. We got a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, and it came to the table steaming and fresh.  The best part was the fresh mozzarella on the pizza: not shredded, like on most traditional slices of pizza, but melted on in chunks.  Definitely worth it. I may have to make a trip back before I leave.


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