Adventure Point: Burlesque Show

I think this Kansas City, Mid-America, white-bread female deserves to have attending a New York City burlesque show count as an adventure point.

A couple weeks ago, a friend invited me to attend Spiegelworld’s Empire show. Unfamiliar with the show, I typed in a simple Google search and was quickly taken aback to learn that it was a “burlesque meets cirque de soleil” event. Intrigued by the new and unique experience and encouraged by the awesome reviews, I said  “when in Rome” (or, you know, New York) and accepted.

Opening up the show was a woman dressed in a nude leotard dancing in a Gaga-like plastic ball. Unfortunately I did not get pictures, but this ball opened and she did a dance routine hanging by her legs.

The show then continued with other interesting antics such as a half-naked man balancing about 40 sticks on his head.

Followed by a man and a woman scantily dressed wearing roller skates dancing and spinning on an elevated platform.

Not pictured: the show consisted of a man doing a routine in a human hamster ball, a three woman gymnastics routine, a woman performing a routine with about 50 hula hoops and many more.

The show concluded with the whole cast doing a grand finale with a man, dressed as a gorilla, balancing on about five stacked chairs acting like King Kong (how New York appropriate).

All in all, I highly recommend the show. It was funny, entertaining and certainly eye-opening: you would not get this kind of entertainment in Columbia, Missouri that is for sure.


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