Adventure Point: The Met

All summer, I’ve been wanting to go to the Met. Because it closes at 5:30 on weekdays, though, I haven’t been able to go after work. That leaves weekends. While I’d love to say I wake up early on Saturdays and Sundays to get stuff done and have adventures, I think there was maybe just one weekend I woke up before 11:00. The week wears me out!

This weekend, however, was different. Whether it was from an early morning text or the anxiety from this past weekend being the last of my summer in New York, I got up promptly at 10:30. Not a huge jump from 11:00, but hey, I’m still going to give myself credit. After a little bit of well–deserved lounging, I headed to the Met around noon and I didn’t leave until about 4:30, and that was only because my stomach was yelling at me to eat.

I can honestly say the Met is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. I’m glad I went alone, because I’m sure everyone would have been annoyed with my frequent “wows” under my breath and the three times I teared up.

I’ve always been an art-fan, but the Met just took it to another level. I can’t wait until I move to New York. I will 100% become a Met member, which means free access everyday and entrance to special exhibits.

Here’s some of my favorite things I saw:






If you haven’t gone, go now!

Ashley Carr


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