D’Amico Coffee: The Best Coffee EVER.

There are few, fine things in the culinary world that I can afford to both be a diva about and financially afford as a student.

After my taste buds have suffered the agony of drinking instant coffee for the past eight, transatlantic months of my life – due to not owning a coffee maker  – I have decided that I am NO longer drinking dirt, stale, burnt or cheap coffee for the rest of my life (That is – after this final instant coffee jar is gone).

And what better place to find my new caffeine fix than in the city that I’m fixated with…and here’s where D’Amico Foods comes in.


D’Amico Foods is located in Carroll Gardensl in Brooklyn. It is a small family owned coffee shop that has been open since 1948.

Here, you can sit and have coffee with pastries. However, I came because you are able to buy a variety of coffee beans and different types of roasts to go.


I will definitely be making another stop by this delightful shop before I head back.


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