I know how much this group likes hotdogs and I believe I have found the city’s – if not the world’s – most exclusive, most expensive and hopefully most delicious dog.

230 Fifth, which just happens to be one of my favorite spots in the city, announced less than one week ago that they were going to begin selling a hotdog priced at $2,300.

“The hot dog meat is made of marbled Wagyu beef, dry-aged for 60 days and enriched with black truffle. A dry-aged seven rib roast of this type goes for $1,225 a pop. The hot dog meat sits between a toasted brioche bun, brushed with white truffle butter and slathered with organic, saffron-infused W Ketchup that goes for $9 a bottle and $35 mustard imported from France.

The hot dog is then topped with caramelized onions that have been cooked in Dom Perignon Champagne and $389 100-year-old balsamic vinegar. The next topping, the homemade sauerkraut, is braised with champagne worth several hundred dollars and mixed with the finest caviar legally available in the U.S. This elaborate hot dog is finally topped off with relish made from $10 pickles and a shimmering gold leaf.” (Gothamist).

Thankfully, there is a reason behind this ridiculousness. All of the proceeds go to City Harvest, a local charity that feeds NYC men, women and children. According to reports, one, single sold hot dog could feed up to 9,200 people.


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