Adventure Point: Housing Works

A couple weeks ago, Ashley and I went to Queens to go to the Housing Works warehouse that was mentioned in class. It was crazy! There were people everywhere stepping over mounds of clothing that were in bins, on the floor, spread over tables, and really just everywhere.

When we walked in and saw that, I didn’t think I would find anything because of the chaos, but I did! I actually found a lot. I bought two coats, two blazers, two dresses and some other random items. The best part was that it cost $25 for one medium-sized brown bag, which is such a great deal.

Some of the things I got were from places like Zara or Banana Republic, where everything is at least $25 each. Ashley found a lot more than I did, but it was fun going through all the stuff we bought and seeing what a great deal we got for all of it.


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