Yankees Game — Adventure Point

On Sunday night I went to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I wanted to go because it felt like an experience that I couldn’t miss.

It was much easier to travel up there than I though it would be. The train was express, so we were able to get up there in about 40 minutes. Getting into the stadium couldn’t be easier. We exited the subway station, and we were right there.

The stadium is huge.

Yankee’s fans are unlike any fans I have ever encountered. They boo, scream and yell, not only at the other team — but at their own players! This might not be surprising to so people, but I was shocked by their behavior.

During the game I was playing around on my phone taking pictures and a man behind me asked, “What are you even doing here? You’re not watching!” Yankees fans are SERIOUS about their team.

Other than that one incident, I had a great time (this made up for it),

It was a beautiful night and the game was close near the end. They went into extra innings and the Red Sox ended up winning. The game ended around midnight and people flowed out of the stadium and on to the subway.

Luckily the ride home wasn’t too bad either. The train was absolutely packed, but everything was pretty efficient. All the trains on that track switched to express, and we zoomed back down to Fulton Street.

It was a bit late for a Sunday night, but I made it back in my bed by 1:30 a.m. with pictures and a full belly. I’d say my Yankees adventure was a success.



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