Bookmarc & the West Village

This week I went to Bookmarc, Marc by Marc Jacobs bookstore.

Ashley and Jamie had mentioned that they had found cute necklaces and school supplies there so I headed there one day after work. I took the 6 down from 23rd street to Union Square. I tried to transfer to the L, but the L wasn’t running (oh so typical).

So I set off on foot. The walk was actually really pretty, and I’m beginning to regret not spending more time in the West Village.



The buildings were very residential, and I spent a lot of time peeking into windows as a I walked by. I loved all of the little front porches, stoops and scraggly trees.


At Bookmarc I bought a few Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpies. They come on a cute key ring and were only $2.50. I figure they will make great “thinking of you” or “thank you” gifts. The store has all kinds of great coffee books and accessories for all of your electronics. They also have great and affordable stationary and school supplies. It’s a bit small, so the selection is sparse, but I think it would be worth going back every trip to New York just to see if they had gotten anything new in.


And guess what! On the walk home I saw Jonah Hill! He was walking down the street with a woman holding a tennis racket.


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