New York Artistic

Thanks to more discount deals, I was able to see two of New York’s most reputable art museums this past weekend. I was very excited to finally connect with the city’s renowned art culture, something I’d marked as a must-see prior to coming to NYC for the summer. Looks like I just barely fit it in.

I started out at the Museum of Modern Art on Friday afternoon, or MoMA, as everyone calls it. MoMA was exhilarating. I was amazed on a few levels during my quick visit, the first of which being the sheer size of the giant museum. Floor after floor, each of which could undoubtedly take an hour to fully explore, culminated into a wide collection of wonders. I enjoyed and was really quite stricken by MoMA’s style of art – a category of which I considered to be abstract but in a real-life, every day sense. Perhaps this image of a MoMA-displayed work to the left can better explain what I’m trying to say. I became enamored with MoMA in my brief visit, and didn’t want to leave when the museum announced that it was closing for the night.

The next day, I tried my hand at visiting the famous Guggenheim Museum along the “Museum Mile” portion of 5th Avenue. Guggenheim is the crazy, swirl shaped building across from Central Park – which is quite a work of art itself as a structure. Aside from being absolutely crammed inside the museum with fellow frugally minded artgoers, Guggenheim differed from MoMA in the sense that it decidedly featured a much more traditional style of art. And this is definitely not a knock – as I found myself entranced by some of the brilliant, complex abstract works that Guggenheim displays.

All in all, I learned that you can’t really lose with these two legendary art havens, or even more any location that houses New York’s vibrant art.

Zach Garcia


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