Project: A Mass-ive Summer

St. Peter’s on Staten Island

Entering this summer, one of the factors of New York City I was most excited for was the plethora of beautiful Catholic churches just waiting to be visited. Instead of finding one and habitually becoming comfortable with that church by attending Mass there each week, as I do with my ‘home’ churches in Missouri and Colorado, I knew I wanted to see as many different, beautiful churches as possible. I had 10 Sundays in total – which ultimately led to a great, enlightening journey across all ends and to each corner of the Big Apple.

St. Francis of Assisi in Midtown

In the end, I learned quite a bit about my faith and the historical ties of the Catholic religion to this history-driven city. From the quaint parish around the corner to the revered Cathedral, you can download and view the path of my journey and details of it all by clicking here: My Catholic Summer. (Clicking the link will download a .pdf file, which contains the project in its entirety)

Zach Garcia


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