Adventure Point: Cape Cod

As anyone knows, New York summers are all about the long weekends. Whether you’re heading upstate, going to the Hamptons or getting some R&R somewhere else on the East Coast, long weekends are the answer to hot, sticky summers in Manhattan. My long weekend of choice was Cape Cod! When my boyfriend suggested getting out New York during one of his visits, I initially jumped on the idea of visiting an elegant seaside town up in Massachusetts. I wanted to go to Nantucket at first, but we finally settled on the 300 year-old-town of Chatham, MA, right on the elbow of Cape Cod. It was the perfect weekend escape from the city!

One of the things I enjoy most about New York is how close it is to other cities on the East Coast. Taking advantage of this fact, Michael and I decided to drive up to Chatham (4.5 hour drive!). Although it was a long drive for after work, the scenery driving though Connecticut, Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts was absolutely breathtaking. Driving on highways completely enclosed by lush green forest and the Long Island Sound was the perfect introduction to the East Coast. Yet, I have to say the adventure part of this trip was getting the rental car and driving out of New York at rush hour! Let me tell you I’ll never own a car in Manhattan; it was miserable. But once we hit the “Welcome to Cape Cod” sign, I realized it was worth it!

As a small, quaint seaside town, Chatham was the perfect getaway. With streets such as Seaside Avenue and Main Street, Chatham is a picture perfect place out of 1950s America. With no chains around except a Bank of America and CVS, this small town was full with beautiful little boutiques, great seafood restaurants and beautiful baby blue hydrangeas lining the streets and white-washed cottages. Here are some of the fun things we did:

1. Seal Tour

Seals inhabit the whole coastline of Chatham. So it was only natural that we go on a boat tour to see these fun sea creatures! It was surprising just how many of them there were just relaxing in great patches of the harbor. Wildlife is a big attraction to Chatham.

2. Bike Tour!

How can you go to Cape Cod without taking a bike tour!? Renting bikes at the Chatham Cycle, we took an absolutely breathtaking 12-mile bike ride through the countryside of Cape Cod. With the ability to be active outside and just take in the scenery, this bike ride was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

3. Lobsta!

You can’t go to Cape Cod without having a lobsta. And lobsta is indeed good in Cape Cod. Having it twice over the weekend, my favorite meal was the lobster roll at a country club along the water. The lobster was fresh, light and delectable, melting perfectly in my mouth with each bite! and of course, in elegant, old Chatham, I accompanied my lobster roll with an Arnold Palmer!

Overall, my long weekend showed me just how necessary it is to get out of the Manhattan once and while during the summer. With the oppressive heat and trash, you almost need sometime away in the middle of nowhere to relax and get out of “city” mode. And Chatham did just that. I needed a couple days to walk around Main Street, go bike riding, be on the water and have a “typical” summer experience. But trust me, driving back into Manhattan, seeing the skyline from Queens, I had never felt so happy to be home in The Big Apple. Let’s just say you can’t take the city out of this girl!

– Harriet White


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