Adventure Point: Coney Island Mermaid Parade

This adventure point has been done by all, but I must say it was quite the adventure. 

Annie, Ashley, and I set off to Coney Island via the A train early one saturday morning. It happened to be the day of the Mermaid Parade so we were immediately greeted with a hefty Coney Island bound crowd. On the train I saw my first Cardinal’s hat wearing fan, a four year old boy who did not seem like he knew what the Cardinals were. I digress, but the train ride took about an hour and we were very eager to see what Coney Island was all about.

Upon arrival, the crowd stormed the boardwalk, where a beautiful Nathan’s hotdog stand stood, serving even more beautiful looking hotdogs. Unfortunately, I did not have a hotdog because we wanted to see the parade.

The Mermaid Parade is exactly what it sounds like: a parade of people dressed like mermaids/mermen.

I’m pretty sure every drag queen in Queen’s was there (sorry for the inappropriate picture). Image 

The Mermaid Parade was a blast, but Annie, Ashley and I couldn’t see very well so we headed to the beach. The crowd on the beach was just as big, but we managed to push our way down to the water. 



I really wanted to see Coney Island, and I’m glad I chose the Mermaid Parade to do it. I’m not a huge roller-coaster girl, so the draw is lost on me. I would go back for the beach (and for a hotdog), but I value my neck too much to ever ride the Cyclone.



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