Adventure Point: Oysters Oysters Everywhere

So Harriet White approached me one evening about going to the Grand Central Oyster Bar. I had never been to Grand Central Station before nor had I ever had an Oyster, so I couldn’t say no. 

I met here there after work and we walked around Grand Central, me taking pictures of the ceiling and architecture and Harriet hoping I’d hurry up so we could eat. She needed to take photos of the bar for her final project, so we looked extremely touristy. I love looking touristy. 

We decided on the cheapest oyster they had and each ordered one (we’re on diets). Just kidding, we just didn’t feel like getting a meal. We also ordered Calamari because it’s delicious and we’re on vacation so we deserve it.

The oysters came and we both dipped them in ketchup, spritzed them with lemon, and shut our eyes. I must say, oysters are not that bad. However I really only tasted the ketchup. : )

I was surprised I made it so far into the trip before going to Grand Central, and I can’t believe I almost didn’t see it at all. 



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