Adventure Point: The Cloisters, Met tour

The Cloisters was something I wanted to do from day one. All I heard about it was that it was pretty, had trees, and looked medieval. 

My friend Elliott from High School spent the summer interning for the MET at the Cloisters. The Cloisters is the MET’s medieval department. He spent the summer researching medievil art history and giving tours to school groups. Last Wednesday I came up and visited him at work, where he was able to give me a private tour of the museum. 

The Cloisters holds five Cloisters, which are squared-off courtyards in monasteries where priests would be able to go outside and relax since they were not allowed to leave the grounds. The five at the MET were from Spain and France and extremely old, with beautiful marble surfaces and intense details. The whole museum was filled with religious artwork that reminded me of being in Westminster Abbey. 


This is my friend Elliott next to one of the Unicorn Hunt Tapestries. The Unicorn Tapestries were my favorite exhibit because nobody knows who made them and it’s a mystery as to what they really mean. Some people believe the unicorn is a symbol for marriage because it is white and pure. Also, when this was made, people thought unicorns were real. 


The exterior of the MET Cloisters. The garden grows greenery that would have been found in a garden during the medieval times, including flowers that were used to make paint.


The entire area around the Cloisters was beautiful, with a view of the Hudson and big green trees. It really didn’t feel like I was in New York City anymore.


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