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Multimedia Project: BATTLE(s) OF THE BIG APPLE

After browsing through magazine from a Delta airplane, I became intrigued by an article that stated how classic New York hotspots we’re less interesting than new, trendy places in town.

I decided to find out for myself if I agreed with the article and went head to head with Delta. They owe me some SkyMiles, so it became my passion to prove them wrong.

The BATTLE(s) OF THE BIG APPLE included:

1.Central Park vs. High Line

2. Shake Shack vs. Little Owl

3. Century 21 vs. Uniqlo

4. Little Italy vs. Eataly

5. Empire State Buiding vs. Top of the Rock

Please enjoy.


ADVENTURE POINT: Statue of Liberty

It’s about as American as baseball and apple pie, and it turns out, I don’t enjoy it that much.

For the second time in my life, I hopped on a boat to Liberty Island to stand at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.

Blame it on the 99 degree heat, sunburned skinned or aching legs, but I do not find going to the Statue of Liberty worth the time, money and/or cattle herding it takes to do so.

TIP: Take the Staten Island Ferry for a good view of the Statue of Liberty. You are able to get pictures that are just as good as paying $15 and waiting in line for an hour.

If you must go to the actual island to get pictures posing like Lady Liberty herself,

TIP: RESERVE A TIME SLOT. Lines are long. Heat could be unbearable. Babies will be crying. It’s a tourist haven and a resident’s hell. By reserving a time slot, you jump the line, get on your boat and head straight to Liberty Island.

Overall, I’d say it’s a once in a lifetime experience, not a two-time thing.


Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. In New York, it seems that baseball is appreciated even more. It’s St. Louis Cardinals pride status.

I was presented the opportunity to attend my first Subway Series where the New York Yankees traveled to Flushing, Queens to take on the New York Mets. The TODAY interns and I pushed out notepads aside, put on our ball caps and headed to Citi Field.

I was then presented with the task of choosing which team was worthy of my support.

Yankees, right? The Yankees are the one and only YANKEES. They are iconic and represent the epitome of a great baseball team. If the Yankees were celebrities in Hollywood, the team would consist of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

However, the Mets have won over my heart. The crowd was enthused, the tickets were reasonably priced and Nathan’s Hot Dogs were to die for. The new stadium  isn’t that bad either.

Upon walking into Citi Field, I just felt at home. Unlike Yankee Stadium, Citi Field offered what I love most about baseball.

Baseball is a soothing sport that allows friends and family to eat, converse and watch sports without excess stimuli in the background. Citi Field was a welcoming environment that focused more on the game and the experience rather than the glitz and glam of the sport.

Baseball can be relaxing. It can be WAY TOO EXCITING. It’s unpredictable…

…much like my decision to root for the Mets instead of the Yankees.


Spontaneity is a beautiful thing.

It allows people to be people and live life as it was meant to be lived.

So when a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Coldplay concert, I grabbed a $40 round trip ticket from New York to Washington, D.C. and hopped on a Megabus.

Despite what you may hear about taking a bus as means of travel, I had a pleasant experience as I cruised four hours south to the nation’s capitol.


An interesting fact about Washington is that all buildings could not be taller than the Capitol building. This led a sun-deprived New Yorker to enjoy sunshine, open-air and room to breathe.

DC is so much different than New York City, however, both cities offer a plethora of museums.

As a news junkie, I had to go to the Newseum. If you are ever presented with the opportunity to check it out, I highly suggest it. I laughed. I cried. I saw people I knew on exhibit.

Oh yeah, and the free Coldplay concert wasn’t half bad either.


It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle of big city life.

From traffic to trains and tension to tough times, being in the city 24/7 can cause unwanted stress and desire to escape.



And what is a better escape from loud noises and harsh smells than fresh air and salty smells?

Rockaway Beach, located in Queens, is a diamond in the rough. It is far from the most beautiful beach I have ever attended, but it has sun, sand and some interesting people who frequent the beach.

At the very least, Rockaway Beach provides a spot to clear your mind while looking out onto the horizon. It doesn’t hurt that it’s only a 45 minute subway ride away.

TIP: Do not go to this area for anything other than the beach. There isn’t much else to do once you leave the sandy shore.

Adventure Point: BROADWAY SHOW

I think the biggest thing that has kept me away from Broadway shows since I have been in New York is the price of a ticket.

Holy moly. Those babies can cost a pretty penny.
However, when my parents came into town, it was their mission to snag a few seats to see a Broadway show. Since it was on their dime, I did not contest their wishes.

During high school, I saw The Lion King in New York at the Minskoff Theater. Being a fan on the movie as a child, my expectations for the show were extremely high. I was not disappointed.

My parents suggested that we see Wicked. And WOW.

It was incredible. The actors were so talented. I was left in awe. AWE, I SAY!!!

I hate to admit it, but Wicked trumped Simba and Nala hanging out at Pride Rock. If you have some spare change and time to check out the show before we leave the city, I highly recommend checking out the show.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

When I reflect on my college experiences, several things stand out. And when I think about those excellent experiences, my freshman year seems to be prominent. This is why:

1. Living in the dorms

For some reason, colleges think putting masses of people with newly found freedom is a safe thing to do.

FUN? Absolutely.

Safe? Questionable.

2. Diving into my career

From J-School to KOMU, I really grabbed journalism by the horns upon arriving to college. I’ve discovered my passion, and can’t help but be excited for my future.

3. That one time I gained 25+ pounds.

I blame Baja Grill. But I have since lost that weight, so if you still thinking I’m rocking the Mizzou 22, please keep those thoughts to yourself.

Ironically, living in New York City has brought back many of these feelings. I have met and lived with people I did not know prior to arriving to the Big Apple, and I can honestly say I’m leaving this city with new friends I plan to continue to hang out with in Columbia.

In addition, I have dove into another field of journalism by working at TODAY. I have met some very prominent people in the broadcast world and learned how a network functions. It’s been an experience unlike any other I have done in my short journalism career.

As for gaining a few extra pounds, I’d have to direct you to my publicist who will handle all questions concerning body issues.