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Bookmarc & the West Village

This week I went to Bookmarc, Marc by Marc Jacobs bookstore.

Ashley and Jamie had mentioned that they had found cute necklaces and school supplies there so I headed there one day after work. I took the 6 down from 23rd street to Union Square. I tried to transfer to the L, but the L wasn’t running (oh so typical).

So I set off on foot. The walk was actually really pretty, and I’m beginning to regret not spending more time in the West Village.



The buildings were very residential, and I spent a lot of time peeking into windows as a I walked by. I loved all of the little front porches, stoops and scraggly trees.


At Bookmarc I bought a few Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpies. They come on a cute key ring and were only $2.50. I figure they will make great “thinking of you” or “thank you” gifts. The store has all kinds of great coffee books and accessories for all of your electronics. They also have great and affordable stationary and school supplies. It’s a bit small, so the selection is sparse, but I think it would be worth going back every trip to New York just to see if they had gotten anything new in.


And guess what! On the walk home I saw Jonah Hill! He was walking down the street with a woman holding a tennis racket.


Yankees Game — Adventure Point

On Sunday night I went to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I wanted to go because it felt like an experience that I couldn’t miss.

It was much easier to travel up there than I though it would be. The train was express, so we were able to get up there in about 40 minutes. Getting into the stadium couldn’t be easier. We exited the subway station, and we were right there.

The stadium is huge.

Yankee’s fans are unlike any fans I have ever encountered. They boo, scream and yell, not only at the other team — but at their own players! This might not be surprising to so people, but I was shocked by their behavior.

During the game I was playing around on my phone taking pictures and a man behind me asked, “What are you even doing here? You’re not watching!” Yankees fans are SERIOUS about their team.

Other than that one incident, I had a great time (this made up for it),

It was a beautiful night and the game was close near the end. They went into extra innings and the Red Sox ended up winning. The game ended around midnight and people flowed out of the stadium and on to the subway.

Luckily the ride home wasn’t too bad either. The train was absolutely packed, but everything was pretty efficient. All the trains on that track switched to express, and we zoomed back down to Fulton Street.

It was a bit late for a Sunday night, but I made it back in my bed by 1:30 a.m. with pictures and a full belly. I’d say my Yankees adventure was a success.


Welcome To The Real World

This internship is my first ever “real job.”

I’ve never worked an office job for 40 hours a week, gotten dressed up everyday, packed my lunch, attended meetings and engaged in office politics.

It’s unlike any “work” environment I have ever been in before, and it’s definitely an adjustment at first.

After almost two months, it still blows my mind that I spend 8 hours a day … sitting. Although I’ve begun to notice that I shouldn’t be so surprised. The facts are there. They are showing up all over the surface of my body. It’s slight, but it’s there.

When you go from running around campus all day, switching between classes and getting errands done to sitting in the same spot day after day, your body takes note.

To ward off the “desk chair blues” I strategically time trips to the bathroom and coffee refills. The office runs on caffeine so it is easy to get carried away. I had to start drinking a glass of water with every cup of coffee. I’ve even started signing up for our treadmill desk, although it’s difficult to get a spot since it is so popular, and (this is embarrassing) I will sometimes take a few laps around the office or jump up and down in an empty room — anything to get my blood pumping.

I’m flooded with projects and assignments that sometimes it is hard to remember to keep my body moving. My first few weeks I would go almost the entire day head down buried in my work. I’d come home to a raging headache, backache and chapped lips from a day of gnawing on them due to stress.

Now I know to take care of my body. Although I’m not beating it up physically like I did back at school, if I’m not careful I do wear it down mentally.

So my advice to “desk job interns” — love what you do or you will hate spending so much time there. Stay hydrated and don’t  over caffinate. Take advantage of trips to the bathroom and any opportunity you have to go outside. Solider on. It’s worth it.

Brooklyn Here I Come

Our trip is winding down, and I still have so many things on my to-do list!

Top of the  list: Explore Brooklyn.

I’m not entirely sold on moving back to Manhattan after I graduate. I have absolutely loved this experience. My internship is everything I want it to be, and I love the office culture. But I’m still not sure if Manhattan is the place for me.

I miss owning an outdoor space. Relaxing on my back porch or going on biking or kayaking adventures. I want to grill, garden and tend to my own little yard. I grew up waking up early to take the boat out with my three brothers and ski on glassy water and then coming home late after exploring all day.

I know it might sound a little juvenile, but I never want to give that kind of freedom up. I know I’m destined for a 9-5 and that it is important to grow up, but I’m not sure if I would thrive in the concrete jungle.

I’m rambling now, but the moral of this post? I need to get to Brooklyn. I cannot leave here without giving it a good look. Almost all of my coworkers live in Brooklyn, and I have heard nothing but good things.

All the perks and connivence of Manhattan with the addition of backyards, front porches, rooftop decks, cars and plenty of parks. Sounds like heaven.

I’ll report back soon.

Street Food

I’m dedicating this post to the hundreds of delicious meals I have passed up on the street. I will forever regret passing them up, but at the same time … I think I might have regretted eating them all as well.

That said — I LOVE street food.  Street food is cheap, delicious and convenient. I never worry about dashing out of the dorms late for work, because I know that no matter what I can snag a bagel with cream cheese, a banana and an iced coffee on my way there.

My favorite part about the bagel? They put the cream cheese on it for you. It’s genius. Such a simple step … but when you are late and sprinting through traffic, it’s much appreciated.

And that’s what makes a difference — it is so easy. I don’t have to go in anywhere. I simply stop as I walk by. If the line looks like it will take too much time, I continue along my commute until I pass by the next street vendor.

I think (and Cody, Zach and Yang agree) that street food needs to come to Columbia.

Now I know we have our trusted hot dog vendors (you’ll often find me outside of Harpos …), but I think we need more. There’s a void in the market, and a gyro cart, breakfast cart and a fruit/smoothie cart would make an absolute killing in downtown Columbia near the J-School.

The connivence and deliciousness of this “food on the go” maybe one of the top ten things that I will miss about New York.

New York … Meet Hail

The other day a thunderstorm passed over NYC. It was a notable thunderstorm, but not anything we haven’t seen on a typical stormy summer afternoon in the Midwest.

As the sheets of rain hit the New York streets, my co-workers were roused from their desks by the sounds of rain and distant thunder. I work in one of the only offices with a huge window, so a lot of the reporters filed into my room to take a look at what was happening outside.

After a few minutes it started hailing. The hail was a few centimeters wide, and melted almost instantaneously as it hit the city’s street.

Although the hail seemed innocuous to me, my co-workers (most of whom grew up either in New York or Southern California) started to freak out.

“What’s going on! It only hails in the winter!” yelled a one.

“How do you know that? It could be really cold out there — storms are dangerous!” said another.

“Do you think the flood will come up to here?”

… We work on the third floor. It never hails in the winter. The rain is frozen because of how cold it is hundreds of feet above the clouds.

I held back. But I couldn’t believe how little “whether” the people of my office had been exposed to. I refuse to say anything bad about the people of New York, despite what I have been told, New Yorker’s have been nothing, but nice to me. They maybe a little rough around the edges, but when asked for help, I have never been disappointed.

I will say this though, New Yorker’s — those that grew up here and those who came from California — pay little attention to us fly-over states.

The concept of hail, tornadoes or even that Cincinnati isn’t in Idaho or St. Louis isn’t a state is lost on many of them.

I guess that when you know what you like, you hone in on it. True New Yorker’s love New York. There’s no need for anything else.

Where the Wild Things Are …

New York may be a concrete jungle, but it has its fair share of wildlife.

Here’s a run-down of New York’s lovely creatures:

  1. Pigeons – No surprise, pigeons are everywhere. They fly low and don’t scare easily. These flying rodents will go after your leftover lunch on a park bench or swoop in front of your face for no apparent reason as you are walking down the street. Since I’ve been here I’ve seen two people get hit in the head by low flying pigeons. I wish I could make this stuff up …
  2. Cockroaches – These disgusting insects weren’t much of a problem during June, but they crawled out from wherever they were hiding once the sweltering temperatures of July hit. They are big and vicious looking. There are four different kinds of cockroaches in NYC. The American Cockroach (the kind we have around FiDi) happen to be the biggest at about 2 inches each. YUCK. They normally come out at night and can be seen running across the street. I try not to wear sandals at night because I’m terrified one might get on my foot.
  3. Rodents – Luckily I haven’t had much personal experience with rodents during my time here in NYC. I have spotted them from a far while standing on the subway platform. The other day when it rained the tracks of the 23rd street station flooded, and there were dead rats floating in the water (electrocuted by the tracks maybe?). We have mice at work, and it has been a battle to control their population all summer. We are a green office so we only use “green ways” of controlling the population. Up until now that has meant a catch and release strategy, but unsurprisingly it hasn’t been very successful.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of NYC wildlife, I’ve left out brown squirrels, bed bugs, fearless little birds and the hundreds of leashed dogs, but these are the top three that have been the most difficult for me to adjust to.

On a positive note— there’s plenty of wildlife here in the city … you just have to accept the creatures around you.