Adventure Point: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

I have loved living in the Financial District. I love South Street Seaport. I love that it’s slightly calm after 5:00 p.m. But, what I love most is how close we are to the Brooklyn Bridge. Although I have been to New York a few times prior to spending the summer here, I had never ventured across the Brooklyn Bridge.


Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite things that I have done here. I have taken all of my visitors on a walk across this famous bridge and I have even walked across it on my own. In my opinion, nothing beats the view of our home in the Financial District than when you are crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

One perk of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is making the trip to Shake Shack on Fulton. This location is especially nice because, it’s not nearly as busy as the other Manhattan locations. If you haven’t made a trip to Shake Shack, I would definitely suggest doing so!


The first time I walked the bridge, it was Saturday at noon. Not recommended, people. Apparently that is the time that EVERYONE in the city decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. However, the next time I ventured there was a Sunday morning and it was much more relaxed. I was even able to walk the bridge at sunset, which was absolutely breathtaking. The moment we took to just stop and admire the skyline is one that I certainly will not forget. 


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